Digital Marketing Operation

Need Keepers to Increase Your Business ROI

Sictor will help and support your business to reduce high salaries, turnovers, cost of manage daily tasks for digital marketing, We are here to manage your digital marketing department operations from creating annual plan to manage daily problems and make big results at the end of the year.

Your Business Will be More Competitive

When you hire us to manage your digital marketing operation, We will analyze, discover, study, and build a competitive business through digital platforms to add values for the operation and structure the digital marketing department by first of all setting strategic goals and approaches.

Measure and Analyze to Market Opportunities.

Before starting to build we will dive in your market to discover new opportunities for your services and products, Such develop new features, user indicators, or how to own a unique brand position. At the end, your business will own a roadmap to impact market share.

Manage all Digital Channels

for Your Business.

Setup action plan

Setup action plan and performance indicators to fulfillment how daily and weekly tasks progress statues.

Manage and Implement

Manage all business online assets graphics, Website, Email Campaigns, content, and ads.

Measure and Tracking

Measure daily and weekly progress rate and creating operation reports to inform you how we have delivered and keeping your goals on the way.

Leverage Digital Marketing Operations

We will work for you, to get your brand in front of thousands of prospects and educate them about your company, build your business authority and increase brand awareness, and business credibility. By list of our operations that we will manage for you;

Digital Marketing Planning:

  • Online Competition Analysis
  • Design and Develop Product/Service features.
  • Create Customer Experience
  • Build an Action plan and strategic points

Content Marketing Management

Digital Ads Management

Sictor has internal process guidelines to manage your campaigns and budget effectively. Daily milestones and well communication tools between us to measure campaign results to improve your in-house sales team to make more sales closing for deals and convert leads to be real satisfied clients. Learn more about digital ads solution.

Social Media Management:


Website Management;

  • Manage your website based on content management system to blogging and products description.
  • Manage and develop SEO technical for your website.

Digital Sales Management :

We design and develop digital sales plan and workflow to manage your business goals and sales target. To generate more deals, online channels are a must to response for new buying cycle of your potential customers.  Learn more about new sales tech-enabled solutions

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