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The Stage of the Transformation

A growing range of executives, though, face up to digital reality. They understand that digital technology will considerably improve the performance of their current business. They understand that first-movers have a plus. and that they are keenly aware that digital will offer birth to completely new business models that shake up sectors, feat firms that fail to adopt troubled to survive.

Digitize Your Marketing & Sales Department

Our Digital Marketing & Sales Transformation service meanly focuses on your business marketing and sales process and transforms it to digitalization.

Digital Marketing Transformation Road-Map

We design a digital marketing transformation roadmap, which is an approach to defining and managing a digital marketing transformation effort. It provides a structured way to move through the many programs needed to realize success.

Digital Marketing Team Buildup

Sictor will manage and implement digital marketing team selecting, hiring, and department processing map, Magnet and hunting a digital marketing talent to join your company that dedicated to your business requirements, And make onboarding for new comers to teach them how to apply a best practice for business goals in digital channels.

Digitize Your Sales Team

To impact and grow sales cycle, we develop and build training materials to digitize your sales team to acquire new techniques to implement the digital sales management,  and leverage sales close rate which is will effect to  increase business performance and revenues

Automation Marketing Processes and Tools

To maximize your business efficiency and accelerate the digital marketing process , we setup technology plan to automate your marketing and sales process Like as Email Marketing, Leads Management, Integrated with CRM, Social Media Marketing Technology, Team collaboration tools, Proofing system to insure and assuring how your team works.

Manage Based Performance

To achieve scalability and follow for the new digital marketing model, Sictor’s team experts will manage and track a process that is much consistently effective, and measure team performance, and how they are providing buyers with exactly what they need at the moment they need it.

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Digitize Your Marketing & Sales Process