Digital Ads Management

Increase Your Business Results

Acquire New Leads:

We at Sictor build and design unique, creative and cost-effective online ads campaign to acquiring new leads for your business and boosting your customer acquisition by our new operation for campaign management. Our solutions include both the familiar and leftfield.

Optimize your Conversion Rate

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) through websites and apps, We help clients unlock the true potential of their existing traffic and paid media.

Engagement & Retention

We Planning, segmenting and optimizing customer engagement through cross digital channels by Facebook ads, Search Engine Marketing, Email Marketing, SMS, push notifications and all online channels.

Grow Qualified Leads

Based on Creative Process Instead of buying ads with high cost, buying engagement email lists, or sales cold calling, Sictor Digital Agency focuses on creating digital ads campaigns that pull people toward your website where they can learn more about what you sell on their own accord. The ads campaign philosophy is backed by a methodology that helps brands to attract qualified leads, and convert them through a variety of channels such as social media platforms, media buying, Search Engine Marketing by improving business messages, and enhance a brand presence across digital channels.

Become More Competitive

Make your business more competitive in the customer acquisition game, Ensure how to have a new sales focus point. Inbound marketing is the perfect solution for this, not only it can help you spread the competitive and make your brand staying ahead.

Increase Business ROI

With cost effective. Inbound marketing can generate leads to your company in a much cheaper manner than outbound marketing to increase your digital outreach, You can spending few cost to get a lead from traditional outbound marketing.

Leverage Brand Awareness

Get your brand in front of thousands of prospects and educate them about your company, and build your business authority, increase brand awareness and Credibility.

Our Leading Process

To Optimize Your Ads Results

We Analyze

We understand who your clients are.Through our analysis process ensuring how ideally customers fits your business and we discover the right channels to reach for them. We analyze buyer persona which involves demographics, interests, needs and measure your business capability to meet their needs.

And Optimize 

We are content writers, designers, marketers can scale up your business by widening online presence and we build integrated strategies that take a full-funnel approach to business goals. We establish a strong foundation, build a brand at the top of the funnel, generate leads, convert sales in the middle, and increase customer loyalty at the bottom. capability to meet their needs.

Create Campaign Goals & Plan

We implement accurate ways to discover how and where your products and services will get a real time engagement and make an attention with your potential leads.

Design and Promote

Through our proven experience we found more valuable ads techniques to optimize and make solid results for any digital campaign by apply more effective solutions and automate process of campaigns, When you will approve plan of campaign we will setup a new strategy to execute variable ads technology by multiple ads format, groups, placements, and biding management.

Manage and Optimize Results

Sictor has internal process guidelines to manage your campaigns and budget effectively. Daily milestones and well communication tools between us to measure campaign results to improve your in-house sales team to make more sales closing for deals and convert leads to real satisfied clients.

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