Sictor Digital Agency

About us :

Sictor Digital Agency , We provide the digital solutions for SMEs and Large companies, We have an experience for more years as a team in creative digital marketing, data-driven, and digital strategy , We focus on market needs which support our clients and partners in their business goals and we follow more steps by great and massive marketing activities knowledge base and expertise that monetize almost digital and online presence for our clients and partners.

Knowledge Base for our Company:
  • Competition and competitive Strategies and Techniques in digital area.
  • Growth Hacking for SMEs and Platforms
  • Online Business Opportunities’ discovering and improvement
  • Digital Data driven and insights.
  • Marketing Automation Process.
  • Psychology of Designing and buying processes.

Our Operation

Before Start:

  • A- Analyze to products, Company, Customers, Gaps, and opportunities
  • B- Build digital Brand Asset, Brand Concept, message, value and what’s the next.
  • C- Create business features, benefits, and an ideal perspective.


  • Traffic and Attraction
  • Leads’ Generation and conversion
  • Leads’ Nurturing and sales close
  • Brand loyalty and customers delights

Strategy Scope

  • Attraction Process
  • Convert Process
  • Close Process
  • Delighting Process.

Our Digital Process workflow

1- On-boarding Process 50%
2- Conversion Paths50%
3- Technology Needed50%

Technology Using

  • Digital Reporting System 3rd Party
  • Marketing Automation Software
  • Social Media Management Software
  • Content Marketing Software
  • Lead Nurturing management

Expertise Area:

  • Digital Marketing Projects
  • Digital Business Development Map Process
  • Custom Project Process
  • Digital Startups Prototype Testing
  • Digital Process Testing
  • Build Digital Structure
  • High Advanced Digital Operation

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